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Extraordinary Living
Control natural lighting or alter the ambient color of your rooms according to your mood. So let the lights reflect your high spirits when you are partying hard. If you are reading a book in a corner then let a single light help you concentrate. Select multiple audio or video sources and distribute to one or more rooms. So if you are fond of a Jazz, it is not necessary that your daughter in the next room has to listen to the same. Hear multiple genres, all at the same time. Select and watch cameras or control security cameras. So now you can easily find out who was at the door while you were away or avoid uninvited guests. In case of an emergency situation you can also observe activity around your house. Adjust the distribution of the sound of your music system from anywhere and at any point of time. From a great home theater experience to bringing music to every corner of the house, you can do it all, to suit your every mood.

Lighting & Scene
Save energy and enjoy the perfect ambience in every room.

With one touch you can turn on the fire place while relaxing at yourcomfy chair. Turn on/off the geyser before taking bath. Switch on the coffee maker for your favorite cup of beverage.

Home Theater Integration
Simplify your audio, video and home theatre components with one remote control.

Media Server
You can store number of favorite movies and songs , and play them from any location to different location of home.

Energy Saving
Create a more comfortable home and a more efficient planet.

Intelligence Interfaces
Sync all your control buttons in your iPad and enjoy the convenience of Home Automation.

Curtain & Blinds
With automatic opening and closing of the curtains you can control the natural lighting of your room.

Air conditioning
Punch in your desired temperature from your iPad and the air conditioner will set itself accordingly.

Distributed Audio
Play music from almost any format, in any room, any time.

Video Surveillance
Gone on vacation, be relaxed, at any point of time you can remotely view your home from your outhouse over iPad or smart phone.

Locks & Security
Experience peace of mind with features that enhance your home security.

Schedules Timing
Now you don't need to remember to monitor your water sprinkler in the garden !Terrace light it will automatically turn on at schedule time & go off after specified time. Blinds/curtains will open on every morning at say 7.30 am. WOW!!!

How we work
We create designs keeping your future requirements in mind sothat your system integrates seamlessly with newer devices & applications. For under construction properties we coordinate with consultants,architects & interior designersto find neat and invisible installation solutions. For a property that already exists we have retrofit automation solutions that upgrade & enhance your lifestyle.

magine living in a home that obeys your Ievery command. A home where virtually every device can be remotely controlled and virtually every system can be fully automated.

In one touch, the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume. When the sun goes down, your foyer light goes on. The whole house locks at 11 pm automatically.

You rush out of home. By the time you get to the office you wonder “Did I close my door?” check from your phone and relax.

You can live the green life by reducing energy use, without sacrificing comfort.

With more than two decades of experience in providing solutions for Security and Automation, we are ready to present new opportunities to create ultimate experience for homes, offices and hotels.
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